Jake Kiyokane on Student Career Growth

Music Connection: How did you jumpstart your career?
Jake Kiyokane: I mean, basically, I didn’t know a lot. So I came into it just out of college, learning business and then my friend asked me if I was interested in music and I said, “Yeah!” Then he showed me Pro Tools, and all of that, and it’s just been a journey ever since then.

MC: What has been a highlight of your career so far?
Kiyokane: Learning a new thing everyday. That’s what music is, there’s so much to learn. I learn every day—even my teachers. They can learn from me or, you know, they learn from other people. It’s just an all around learning experience, so that’s great.

MC: What strengths have helped you get to where you are now?
Kiyokane: I would say my patience, because I’m very patient. You could yell at me and I’ll just get the job done. I’m very patient with clients, I know customer service very well because I worked at my dad’s restaurant, so I know how to deal with people.

MC: What’s your best advice to a student trying to break into the industry?
Kiyokane: I always tell them, “Just put yourself out there,” because that’s what I did at my studio. All the other kids would go home early or they wouldn’t show that they wanted it, but I’d be there the whole time until like, 5 a.m.—it didn’t matter, I’d just be there just because of the music.

MC: How has Pensado’s Place played a role in your career?
Kiyokane: I hadn’t watched Pensado’s Place a lot beforehand, until I kind of started getting into really understanding it. But it’s a really great place for anybody that wants to be passionate about music. It’s a great place to learn.