iZotope Expands Membership Access

iZotope's Music Production Suite Pro members can now access all Pro plug-ins for music producers and engineers. VocalSynth Pro is now included in Music Production Suite Pro, and any future music products will also be available to active subscribers.

iZotope has added all the skill-building content that was once exclusive to Producers Club to Music Production Suite Pro, which now gives an all-access pass to every video, course, and resource made for subscribers.

If you haven’t tried Music Production Suite Pro, now is a great time to start your 7-day trial. Cancel any time.

Loyalty Pricing

For current iZotope customers interested in moving to subscription, we have new loyalty discounts! If you own any of the eligible products below, you can save 30-50% on your first year of an annual subscription.

Eligible products [any version and edition, excluding Elements]: Music Production Suite or Music Production Bundle, Ozone, Neutron, RX, Nectar, Insight, VocalSynth, Neoverb

Eligible products:

  • Any version of Music Production Suite or Music Production Bundle
  • Any version of Ozone Standard or Advanced
  • Any version of Neutron Standard or Advanced
  • Any version of RX Standard or Advanced
  • Any version of Nectar Standard or Nectar 3 Plus
  • Any version of Insight
  • Any version of VocalSynth
  • Neoverb