Italian EDM Artist Giacomo “jayover” Uber Works On-the-go With KRK

Producer, Writer, and Artist Giacomo Uber, also known as jayover, fell in love with electronic music and music production when he was a kid, and has been pursuing these passions ever since. While working in his Italy-based studio, Area 23, Giacomo has produced and written music for artists such as Gabry Ponte, Don Diablo, LUM!X, Martin Jensen, and JP Cooper, among others, cumulating in around 400 million streams and two gold records. Giacomo’s love for creating music has also translated into his personal career, where he works on his current artistic project, “jayover.”

As someone who is constantly on the move, Giacomo needs the proper tools to help him create his long list of projects, no matter where he finds himself. That is why he turned to the KRK GoAux 4 Portable Studio Monitor System. “I travel quite often, so having portable speakers is great for when I am on the go,” he says. “Usually, when I’m not in my studio, I work on headphones, but that can get tiring after a while. Having small reference speakers like the KRK GoAux helps so much. I use them mainly when I am writing and starting productions; I think those are the scenarios where they really shine.”

Giacomo says that one of his favorite features of the KRK GoAux 4 is the built-in auto-calibration system. “Obviously, hotels and living rooms are not meant to be studios, so the acoustics in these spaces can be a problem,” he explains. “With the auto-calibration system of the KRK GoAux, I can improve the sound of a space in just a couple of minutes! I take them with me quite often, so that’s important. They’re also great for outdoor spaces ― I use them in my garden when I get tired of staying inside my studio. Overall, the KRK GoAux work very well, and having the bag is a plus to carry and protect them!”