ILIO Releases 'Age of Icons' Presets for TH-U

ILIO has announced the release of Age of Icons Vol. 1, an Add-On Pack of Incredible Presets for Overloud TH-U Premium designed by a True "Tone Head".

Age of Icons Vol. 1 is one of the largest tone packs available for purchase for Overloud's TH-U Premium, and the first preset library for Overloud's TH-U from ILIO.

Each patch in Age of Icons Vol. 1 takes inspiration from an iconic group or song. Using TH-U's "Scenes" feature, each of the 15 included presets includes up to four variations (such as chorus tone, solo tone, and verse tone) directly inspired by a certain classic track or group. Scenes neatly organize your patches and provide an extremely fluid way to stomp through different tones when playing live.

From the hairiest of hair metals to mainstream radio rock, this pack offers plenty of versatility with a slight preference toward hard rock tones of the late 70s into the early 90s. Evoking Boston, Rush, Whitesnake, Van Halen, Ozzy Osbourne, Nirvana, the Eagles and more, this pack truly celebrates the groundbreaking guitarists of these groups and their now legendary tones.

TH-U Premium from Overloud contains the world's largest collection of models in a single software, thus making it the perfect choice for a project such as Age of Icons Vol. 1. Ruben Reza, the pack's designer, states "This Age of Icons project was definitely a fun one and another testament to all the tonal possibilities available in TH-U. It is my tribute to the iconic signature guitar tones from artists we all know and love."

ILIO's President Mark Hiskey noted, "We've seen a lot of interest in reviving these timeless guitar tones and thought this was a golden opportunity to work with tonesmith Ruben Reza to make it happen. It's really a great way to showcase the raw power of TH-U as well."

About the Designer

A self proclaimed "Tone Head", Ruben Reza has been on stages all around the world with his guitar. He's a true product of the Sunset Strip and his first-hand experience in the glory years of guitar has awarded him decades of experience mastering his instrument and perfecting tone. Ruben has been working with TH-U and designing tones for a few years now, and can be found in TH-U videos and at events giving clinics on TH-U.

Age of Icons Vol. 1 is available now at: ilio.com/age-of-icons-volume-1-patch-library-for-th-u or from an ILIO Authorized Retailer.

Check out the audio demos here: soundcloud.com/ilioenterprises/sets/age-of-icons-patch-library-for-overloud-th-u