Ian Charbonneau & Niko Bolas Record Neil Young's "Stand For Peace"

Neil Young films "Stand For Peace" at StageThis in Los Angeles. (Photo by Ian Charbonneau.)

Los Angeles, CA, December 2023 - The Recording Project by Ian Charbonneau and recording engineer Niko Bolas captured audio for a quick Neil Young music video directed by Daryl Hannah for holiday release. Recorded and filmed at StageThis soundstage in downtown LA, Charbonneau provided his engineering services along with his state-of-the-art mobile flypack system and microphones to capture the intimate performance.  To meet Young's specifications, audio was captured at high-resolution 192K format, as well as for Dolby Atmos.

"This was a nice challenge," said Charbonneau, "and a great success for my new portable flypack system. It was great to have METalliance member Niko Bolas producing our first 192K project. The video performance had a very quick one-day turnaround for release a day later on Thanksgiving morning." Bolas added, "The famous Charbonneau recording ethic and Ian's talent - a remote dream team."

Having worked for 30+ years with his father Guy Charbonneau and Le Mobile remote recording truck, Ian recently founded The Recording Project and created his unique flypack portable recording system, which can be loaded into a few cases and checked as baggage on an airline. With his new mobile system, Ian has already recorded live projects for Imagine Dragons, Melissa Etheridge, Mana, Macklemore, Dolby Laboratories, and parts the Eric Clapton's Crossroads Festival, to name a few.

Ian explains, "My new system consists of a DirectOut Technologies, MC Prodigy modular audio converter loaded with 64-channels of high quality MicHD preamps packaged in a custom rack. It allows to capture great multitrack recording in standard and high resolution formats. The converter / preamp connects via Fiber cable to two Avid Madi Pro Tools systems for redundancy."

For more info about The Recording Project visit: https://www.therecordingproject.com