HUNNY at the Wonder Ballroom in Portland, OR

While I unexpectedly joined a mosh pit with some cool, considerate, and extremely strong 16-year-old ladies, HUNNY promoted their upcoming album, Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.. The whole experience of their set at Portland’s Wonder Ballroom on June 4 was unbeatable.

Sandwiched between Oso Oso and Knuckle Puck, both quite shouty bands, HUNNY brought a brilliant blend of ‘80s new wave nostalgia and early-era pop punk (two of my favorite things).

The SoCal pop rock group’s sound was certainly heavier live than the more pop/Two Door Cinema Club-esque feel of their discography, which brought the crowd of the PDX staple theater-meets-dive bar to jump (literally the entire time).

The crowd, as I’ve noticed as a trend in the Portland music scene, was respectful of boundaries (again, a favorite of mine). Displayed perfectly through a clique of teen gals moshing in front of me, noticing I was bopping alone, and invited me into their circle for some derby-style roughhousing for “Natalie,” “Lula, I’m Not Mad,”and “Rebel Red.” The organized chaos kept us from being suffocated, but still released any inhibitions we had before we walked through the door.

HUNNY closed with their pop hit “Vowels (and the Importance of Being Me),” leaving everyone a little more giddy and adventurous than they started.