Wonder Ballroom

Twin Peaks at Wonder Ballroom in Portland, OR

No one puts on a groovier show than Chicago's Twin Peaks. The Nov. 8 Portland, OR show at the Wonder Ballroom suited the guys well—the mood, sound and environment all feeling like a well-worn flannel.

Playing most of their moody and rough hits from their latest album Lookout Low, "Ferry Song," "Dance Through It," and "Oh Mama" had—without a doubt—the strongest connection to the fans. The band knows which songs lend well to call and response, so the fans feel both entertained and part of the entertainment themselves.

They also brought out openers OHMME for some lovely feminine voices to juxtapose the band's bold, low, classic sound. The camaraderie was heartwarming, but the slicing harmonization elevated the whole show.

Much, much louder and heavier live, the "indie" was nearly completely scrapped from the "indie rock" of the band's more advertised genre, which no one can complain about. I actually can't remember the last time I experienced a show that was such pure, unwavering, classic rock, so this shift made me happy. You've got to love a band who can make you want to both head-bang with a hundred strangers and booty-shake in your kitchen with your best friend.

Generally, seeing Twin Peaks felt like a few dudes just having a good time; not polished and pretentious, but not not well-performed. The band seemed to be comprised of the guys in the back of the class you'd want to be friends with but were too afraid of getting in trouble talking to because they keep getting caught smoking in the bathroom.