Huey Lewis and the News

Huey Lewis and the News at The O.C Fair in Orange County, CA

One of the biggest groups of the 80's, Huey Lewis and the News played the O.C. Fair. The show started off with one of their biggest hits "The Heart of Rock N Roll." The set consisted of new songs and classics. A lot of the hits played came from their biggest album "Sports," like "The Heart of Rock N Roll," "Heart and Soul," " I Want a New Drug" and "Walking On a Thin Line."

Their 3 song encore consisted of the hits "Power Of Love," Do You Believe In Love," And " Workin' For A Livin'" of the original News band, the remaining members are Sean Hopper (Keyboards), Bill Gibson (Drums), and Johnny Colla (Saxophone/Rhythm Guitar). Huey Lewis and the News is famously known for their song "Power of Love," which was written and recorded for Back to the Future and also had recorded the song "Back In Time" for the movie.
Photos by Alex Kluft