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Jackson X Series Concert CBXNT DX IV

The Jackson X Series Concert Bass CBXNT DX IV is a highly versatile bass designed for one express purpose—bringing the thunder to your music. Perfect for rock, metal or any style that demands low, punchy bass, this X Series Concert features a 34"-scale, a poplar body and a graphite-reinforced neck-through-body design. $699.99


The Envoy Pro FX is one giant leap For All Computerkind™ as it’s the first portable SSD with out-of-this-world performance and compatibility. Plug into yesterday’s and today’s Thunderbolt and USB equipped Macs and PCs. Plug into tomorrow’s Thunderbolt 4 and USB4 machines. You can even plug it into iPad Pro, Chromebook, and Surface devices. $449.00


The JBL EON ONE Compact packs a professional-grade speaker, a full-featured 4-channel mixer and Bluetooth control into JBL’s most compact battery-powered PA, weighing in at just 17.6 pounds. Sound your best in seconds with premium effects and presets that you can customize right on your phone or tablet using the JBL EON ONE Compact Control app—no engineer needed. Presenters, fitness instructors and emcees will appreciate EON ONE Compact’s ducking feature, which lowers background music volume when speech input is detected. Peer-to-peer Bluetooth lets you broadcast music playback. $629.00

UA Volt 276 Studio Pack 

The UA Volt 276 studio pack includes UA’s latest 2-in / 2-out USB-C audio interface with two premium grade preamps. A large diaphragm condenser microphone, studio-grade headphones and an added-value software bundle is included. $429

DPA Microphones 2028 Super Cardioid Vocal Mic

On a live stage, the 2028 super-cardioid vocal microphone from DPA Microphones delivers open and transparent sound. The 2028 has a supercardioid capsule with DPA's famously flat off-axis response. Besides a high gain-before-feedback, this characteristic makes it easier for sound engineers to handle bleed from other instruments at close proximity. $700

AVID M-Box Studio

AVID’s new M-Box Studio is an eight-channel console-style audio interface designed to deliver exceptional sound for just about any recoding situation. The AVID M-Box features loopback mixing , real-time on-board DSP effects and Bluetooth I/O capability. The Avid M-Box Studio features four XLR combo-style inputs, the front two preamps variable impedance inputs  for maximum flexibility when recording guitar and vocals. $899

Epiphone Hummingbird

The new Epiphone Inspired by Gibson Hummingbird blends solid woods, vintage appointments, and a Fishman Sonicore under-saddle pickup and a Sonitone preamp. This acoustic-electric is outfitted with gold Epiphone Deluxe tuners, a Kalamazoo style headstock, and is available in Natural and Aged Cherry Sunburst finishes. $849

The PhantomFocus eChair

The PhantomFocus eChair™ is the ultimate chair for the audio professional and the only chair to be nominated for a prestigious TEC Award. The PhantomFocus eChair is used by many of the world’s top recording engineers and is now available in six different models. $602.00 - $832.00


The new KORG Liano digital Piano has 88 keys and features KORG’s proprietary light touch (LS) keyboard action. Access to KORG’s award-winning software is included at no extra charge. $329.99

Kali Audio IN-8 V2

Kali’s new Audio IN-8 V2 is part of Kali’s latest generation of nearfield monitors. The IN-8 V2 features a newly design amplifier platform that allows for 12 dB less shelf noise while increasing the maximum SPL 3 dB. The IN-8 V2 features an 8 inch woofer, a 4-inch midrange and a 1-inch coaxial tweeter. $798 (Pair)

Focusrite Vocaster DM14v and Broadcast Kit

Podcasters, streamers, vloggers and voiceover artists will love the Vocaster Broadcast Kit, a podcasting accessory bundle that pairs the Vocaster DM14v dynamic microphone and Vocaster HP60v headphones to bring studio quality to any podcast setup. $249.99

CAD Audio E100SP

The CAD Audio E100SP studio pack contains everything you need to start recording your next vocal track, podcast, voiceover project, or acoustic instrument track. This value-packed bundle from CAD includes an E100Sx large diaphragm super-cardioid condenser studio mic, a CX2 2-channel USB audio interface (24-bit/96kHz), an AS10 mini vocal shield, a VP1 microphone pop filter, and a CLC25 mic cable. $429.99

Squier Contemporary Active Starcaster

The Squier Contemporary Active Starcaster electric guitar is an evolution of the original Fender Starcaster model, which featured an iconic semi-hollow guitar design when it was introduced in the ’70s. Now redesigned with an SQR Rail humbucker pickup in the bridge position and an Atomic humbucker in the neck, the Contemporary Tele RH is ready for any playing situation.   $479.00

YYZ Shape Shifter

It's been great seeing Rush’s Geddy Lee out and about playing again—and using his Tech 21 gear. At the South Park 25th Anniversary show, all he brought was his YYZ pedal. The YYZ packs the essence of Geddy Lee's tone—and his gargantuan rack rig—into a compact preamplifier/DI pedal. $249

Simmons Titan 50 e-kit

The new Simmons Titan 50 e-kit delivers powerful drum sounds, great playing feel, Bluetooth and MIDI connectivity, and a free mobile app that provides training tools and more. This new electronic drum-kit is quick and easy to set up, complete with a large 10" dual-zone mesh snare with rimshot detection, three 8" mesh toms, and sensitive hi-hat, crash, and ride cymbals. The Titan 50 represents the pinnacle of performance for beginners and working professionals alike. $379

The Fix Collaborator

The FIX COLLABORATOR is a four-channel analog high-definition headphone amp with four individual level controls, one for each set of headphones. Each of the headphone outputs has its own power amp to minimize crosstalk between outputs. The Collaborator has a built-in talk-back Mic, that can be mixed into each of the headphones, allowing "collaboration" between and can be used as a room mic with a drummer or singers. $499