Genelec helps Thailand’s Karma Studios create inspirational sonic oasis

Chris Craker, founder of Karma Studios

Chris Craker is a luminary in the music industry, boasting over 40 years of diverse experience as an artist, record producer and composer, as well as being the visionary behind Karma Studios. Situated in an idyllic Southeast Asian location, Karma Studios is a creative oasis for artists and producers that now benefits from the timeless fusion of its original Genelec 1035B main monitors and new “The Ones” coaxial nearfield models.

Craker’s journey to establish Karma Studios in Thailand is a testament to his passion for creating a unique and inspiring space for artists. The motivation came unexpectedly when he was invited to produce records for His Majesty the King of Thailand, resulting in 11 albums of the King's compositions. This opportunity ignited the vision of creating a haven for creativity in the heart of Thailand. Craker explains, “How amazing would it be to have a beautiful studio in a beautiful location? I could then entice my favorite artists to come and work with me at a studio by the beach, so that's exactly what we did!”  

Nestled an hour and a half south of Bangkok, the studio stands as a testament to Craker’s commitment to providing artists with an extraordinary recording experience. He explains, “We have a great lifestyle and a great facility in which to record, and we make good use of that. It changes people's mood – people behave and perform differently when they’re very relaxed." 

Describing the studio's appeal, Craker highlights the luxury and resort-style atmosphere of Karma Studios. “It's three studios, essentially one large one and two smaller production suites, and we've been involved in the production of all kinds of music including classical, jazz, heavy metal, reggae, punk, disco, and Hollywood film soundtracks as well.”

Craker underscores the importance of creating a relaxed and enjoyable environment for artists, acknowledging that the studio's beach setting and spa facilities contribute to the overall experience. “We enjoy the process of inviting someone over after they acclimatize – and they enjoy the facilities,” he shares. Notable guests including Placebo, Jamiroquai and Bullet For My Valentine all attest to the studio’s reputation for providing a unique and rejuvenating recording experience. 

Craker’s studio is a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary monitoring technologies. At its core are the revered Genelec 1035 main monitors, originally from London’s iconic Townhouse Studios. The flush mounting 1035s boast a rich legacy, and were designed to produce neutral audio reproduction at extremely high SPL in large rooms. Many years later, Karma’s 1035s are continuing to deliver reference quality performance – which is a living testament to the longevity and sustainability of Genelec technology. Craker has always had admiration for Genelec monitors, stating, “I have a very clear recollection of the first time that I knew I loved Genelec monitors, I was working at Metropolis with Jim Lowe using the 1035s and we then moved to Hugh Padgham’s studio with the same monitors in West London.”

Complementing this storied setup, Craker has recently introduced Genelec’s cutting-edge 8361A flagship three-way coaxial studio monitors from “The Ones” series, which offer extraordinary imaging, extended frequency response, controlled directivity, and fatigue-free listening. These are joined by the more compact 8341As which are used in Karma’s two satellite studios in Bangkok.

As part of Genelec’s Smart Active Monitoring family, The Ones’ nearfield precision complements the 1035’s combination of high SPL and long throw performance, and each Ones model can be individually tailored to the room’s acoustics via Genelec’s GLM calibration software.
This strategic selection aligns seamlessly with Karma Studios’ ethos of blending heritage with innovation, where the resonance of the past meets the demands of the future. The result is a studio that not only pays homage to music history but also pioneers the future of audio excellence, all made possible by the timeless reliability of Genelec monitors. In the words of Craker, “Genelec monitors provide a sound that we know we can trust. It's The Ones that we rely on as our mainstay point of reference, and they don't let us down.” 

Under the visionary leadership of Craker, Karma Studios has become Asia’s premier luxury residential recording studio complex. Beyond its reputation for creating chart-topping records and iconic film soundtracks, the studio stands out as an unparalleled retreat for artists seeking inspiration and seclusion. With Genelec monitors at its sonic helm, Karma Studios continues to push the boundaries of music production, fostering an environment where creativity flourishes amidst the beauty of Southeast Asia. 

For more information, please visit www.genelec.com.