GAMMA Presents the ATLAS Boosted Overdrive Effects Pedal

The GAMMA Series ATLAS Boosted Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal from the Acoustic Control Corporation allows the player to add nuanced, tube amp-style overdrive to their guitar sound. The pedal features controls for Level, Tone and Drive, plus a Boost switch that pushes low frequencies and adds more high-end bite to the drive sound.  Whether used for gritty edge-of-breakup overdrive tones, or cranked to send the amp into full distortion, the ATLAS Boosted Overdrive’s distortion preserves the guitarist’s dynamics and articulation, and is nicely responsive to volume, tone and pickup adjustments made on the player’s guitar. Featuring intuitive operation, a stunning metal flake paint finish, heavy-duty/rugged full-sized metal chassis with metal knobs, and operation from either a 9-volt battery or 9-volt DC power supply, the GAMMA Series ATLAS Boosted Overdrive can be used as a sole pedal unit or as a pedal board component. Additionally, the pedal features mono audio input and output, with buffered bypass for consistent tone in any setup.

Designed to imbue a player’s guitar tone with the definition, sustain, and harmonic enrichment found in a classic vintage tube amplifier, the ATLAS Boosted Overdrive preserves the guitarist’s dynamics while adding bite and sustain, for articulate tone that responds to the nuances of the player’s style. Thanks to its Boost switch, the ATLAS Boosted Overdrive pedal offers two distinct flavors of tube-like overdrive. Use the Boost switch to send your tone over the top, with enhanced low-frequency girth and high-frequency bite. With the Boost switch disengaged, the ATLAS Boosted Overdrive offers classic mid-focused drive tone that cuts through the mix.

Features include:
• Tube amp-style overdrive that preserves dynamics, articulation and guitar character
• Boost switch enhances low frequencies, and adds more high-end bite to the drive sound
• All metal chassis and knobs and a road-ready design
• Simple operation for easy access to essential sounds for electric guitar
• Operates from a 9-volt battery or 9V DC adapter: 9V Alkaline recommended which yields approximately a 50 Hours Run Time (battery and DC supply not included)
• Mono audio input and output, with buffered bypass for consistent tone in any setup
• Input 1⁄4-inch Instrument Level Input (650k Ohms Impedance)
• Output 1⁄4-inch Instrument Level Output (1k Ohms Impedance)
• Dimensions: 4.59 in (D) x 2.75 in (W) x 2.19 in (H)
Weight: 0.55 lbs (8.8 oz)

Created to produce fat, tube-amp-inspired grind, the Atlas Boosted Overdrive is one of six stompboxes in the GAMMA guitar effects pedals line—which also includes the Bacchus Dynamic Driver, Cumulus 3-Way Reverb, Eros Clean Chorus, Hades Metal Distortion and Narcissus Warm Delay.

The GAMMA ATLAS Boosted Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal is currently available at a price point of $69.99 MAP

For more information on the complete range of Acoustic Control Corporation musical instruments, visit www.AcousticControlCorp.com.