Friday Freebie (1/26/18): Above Ground Studios

Enter to Win a Pro-Mix and Master Preview of Your Song in This Week's Friday Freebie! 


For Music Connection's next Friday Freebie, we're giving away a mix & master preview of your song ($300 value) that's guaranteed to sound great everywhere it's played (i.e. in the car, at the club, on the radio, mobile devices, etc.). Above Ground Studios' chief mixing & mastering engineer Nate Middleman, who mixes records for Def Jam, 300 Ent., HBO, MTV, PlayStation, Bollywood, etc., will mix your song to sound amazing and master it to be radio ready and MFIT (mastered for iTunes). After Nate enhances the magic of your music with all the latest audio technology at Above Ground Studios' state-of-the-art mixing & mastering suite, your song will be ready for the world to hear and fall in love with.

Screen shot 2018-01-19 at 9.29.59 AM
Above Ground Studios is a full service mixing & mastering studio perfected for listening by world-renowned studio designer Frank Comentale (The Hit Factory, Wyclef's Platinum Sound, Diddy's Daddy's House, Red Bull Recording Academy, etc...) and outfit with a tailor-made Totem monitoring system by visionary acoustician Vince Bruzzese. Above Ground aims to achieve a sonic magic that listeners want to replay again and again. The mantra at Above Ground is "make underground mainstream" and these are definitely words they live by for example 5 different indie artists we worked with in 2017 inked major label deals after employing our mixing & mastering services.

Retail value:$300