Singers sound off 2017

Annual Feature: Singers Sound Off! 2017

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VASSY is no stranger to the No. 1 spot on the dance charts with her latest hit single “Nothing To Lose” (written by VASSY and co-produced by Tiësto). Her second track to top the Billboard Dance Club charts, the song has been streamed over six million times. Making a name for herself by providing songs to commercials and soundtracks, she broke out in the dance world, and tells us that whether it’s making toplines for EDM tracks or going unplugged, as she has just done with her VASSY Unplugged album, it’s still all about the song.

School, home school, or no school
I had some training in the past, but I haven’t done it for years. I do think it’s good and really should get back into it. I should be training my instrument the way that you go to the gym. It’s the same thing. It’s a muscle, so thanks for reminding me to book an appointment now!

Dealing with jitters or red-light fever in the studio
I do get a buzz, but once I’m on stage I don’t feel nervous. It’s such an awesome feeling. And I don’t meditate, but I do like to have a few minutes to myself before my performance, and I don’t like to socialize too much about a half hour before I go onstage. I like to have that time to myself, so I guess that is meditating.

Vocalist diet do’s and don’ts
Dairy is not good for the voice, and neither is turmeric. Although it’s good for inflammation, it thins the voice.

Favorite microphones
I use the Mojave microphone. In general I like microphones that give a lot of top end on the vocals.

Laying down the tracks
I don’t need a lot of takes. Not to boast, but I tend to get everything in first takes, and I don’t really believe in doing a lot [of takes]. The only time I do is so that we can just comp the best parts, but generally it’s always from the first or second takes at most that feel like it’s in the vibe. I think I just have to be really feeling it when I’m in my zone and it just comes out. I don’t like too much distraction, and I don’t like the engineer to talk to me too much. I like to get in my pocket and maybe one or two words back and forth, but that’s about it. I know what I want, but it’s always good to have an engineer who can hear certain things and maybe give a little direction, but I hate people asking questions when I’m cutting the vocals because it’s distracting, and I’m supposed to be in another place, a different sensorial experience.

Difference between writing for  EDM or pop
I actually write songs like you would write a pop song, so they tend to fit really well over dance and EDM platforms. But essentially, if you strip it down and just perform it with the guitar, it’s a pop song.

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