Father and Awful Records

Father and Awful Records Announce Creative Partnership with RCA Records

Father and Awful Records have announced today their creative partnership with RCA Records. The newly formed partnership, empowers Awful to sign artists to Awful Records/RCA Records, or develop artists via The Orchard distribution system.

The first release will be Father’s forthcoming solo effort, set for release this fall, amongst a slew of other artist releases that will be announced soon.

On signing with RCA Records, Father said: “Awful has done a lot for indie music. We showed many just how far you can get on your own. Now we finally have the opportunity to take things further and grander with RCA Records. Not only that, it was given to us on our own terms. When you put as much thought into the music as we do, you want it to be heard.”

For more, visit rcarecords.com and awfulrecords.com