Fader Label Launches Management Division

FADER Label's new management division has now officially launched. A press release from the label outlines all details:
"The artists who are on the FADER Management roster -- shallou, James Ivy, Del Water Gap and Mcamp -- are getting the benefits of hands-on, curated care from FADER as they build on their already expansive careers. Staying close to their ethos of bringing the creator's vision as the paramount focus, FADER embarks on this new venture with limitless creativity and innovation at the forefront of their agenda.
FADER founders Rob Stone and Jon Cohen, are thrilled for the next chapter of FADER's story. Cohen says, “FADER Management is a natural evolution of the artist development we offer through all of the services Cornerstone and FADER provide. Management enables us to use the infrastructure across our companies to play a bigger role in helping artists build and execute the right strategy and develop incredible creative." Stone says, “The FADER has always been about the “creator first” in music, film, live events, podcasts and collaborations. Now with our management division, we’re able to truly partner with best-in-class musicians to create their visions and inspire audiences worldwide.”
General manager of FADER Label, Carson Obergsays, "About 3 years ago I sat in Jon's office talking to him how I would love to branch off the label to restart FADER Management with him. Fast forward 3 years and we have been able to bring in 3 artists that we believe are true trailblazers in a crowded industry. FADER has been at the forefront of developing stories and artists. FADER management allows us to tell an artists' story from every avenue of their business. This is just the beginning for FADER management as we are actively expanding and looking for new managers to partner with to expand our roster."
Los Angeles-based FADER Management artist, shallou (aka Joe Boston) is a producer, singer and active environmentalist, who's also one of FADER Label's newest artists. With a focus on creating ambient house melodies interlaced with sweeping and soulful vocals that inspire both the indie and electronic scenes. His debut EP, All Becomes Okay, dropped in 2017, and he recently released a new single, "Heartaches," and is heading out on tour in 2021. Now with over 700 million streams, multiple number one spots on Sirius' Chill Radio, and multiple top 10 features on Billboard's Dance charts, shallou's popularity is quickly rising. He's performed at major festivals -- Coachella, Lollapalooza, Outside Lands, Firefly Festival, and many more, and had Fall Headline tours with sold-out shows in Boston, NYC, LA, Portland and more. He's also recently worked with Ashe, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Petit Biscuit, and The Knocks, just to name a few.
On the new collaboration with FADER Management, shallou says,"I'm really excited to be joining FADER Management! They empower artists to release music that is true to themselves, encouraging them to build their own individual niche and fanbase in many genres from pop to electronic. Carson Oberg knows how to grow an artist from a handful of scrappy demos to a full headline touring act, equipped with a healthy fanbase and major opportunities in the industry."
21-year-old Korean-American singer/songwriter/producer from New Jersey, James Ivy,is also excited about his new management team at FADER. His recent success of over 2 million streams after the release of his first single in June 2020. With 50,000+ social followers and a growth of over 2,000 fans on Instagram in Twitter in August alone, along with peaking at #13 on Twitter's trending chart during his performance for Porter Robinson's Secret Sky Festival in April 2021, it's clear that fans of hungry for more. Ivy was also Porter Robinson's direct support for his Fall nurture tour. The social growth skyrocketed his digital presence by creating an "Ivy League" Discord server in August 2021, which is run entirely by James Ivy fans and has over 500 members, who participate in merch giveaways, listening parties, Q&As, teasers of unreleased music, gaming and more. With DSP support soaring from Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and TIDAL, as well as radio coverage via Jack Saunders on BBC Radio 1 UK, Tony Moore on Soho Radio UK, Sirius XM The Carles Show, Chris Hawkins on BBC Sounds 6music UK and press praise from NYLON, MTV News, Coup De Main, Lyrical Lemonade, FLOOD Magazine, and more, Ivy is off to a solid career launch with FADER.
Ivy says “As someone who had no official music released at the time I started working with the FADER Management team, it’s been a really really helpful experience for me. I definitely feel like I’m learning more every day from the people I work with, and it’s cool to be a part of a team that’s willing to grow with me as I continue to discover who I am as an artist.”
NYC-based singer, songwriter, and producer, Del Water Gap, has already gathered 40 million streams and shows no signs of slowing down, thanks to the support from FADER, which has led to three major milestones this year: a GQ feature story, a sold-out Fall 2021 tour, including a hometown show at the Bowery Ballroom and the honor of being one of this years Vevo DSCVR Artists. Del Water Gap has penned songs with Claud, Maggie Rogers and producer for Ella Jane, Zachary Knowles, Kristiane, and others, showing his deep love of collaboration.
Del Water Gap says, “I have always respected the space that The FADER holds in music and culture, and the way Jon and Carson carry themselves is a reflection of that space. They’re brilliant business partners and have become like family to me.”
Mcamp is a singer, songwriter and producer, who's working with FADER Management and FADER co-founder Rob Stone, who says, "His potential is limitless to me. I just want to give him all the tools and get out of his way to let him make music." Mcamp. is a young 21-year-old Portland, Oregon native whose lovestruck lyrics are the foundation of his storytelling. Growing up, Mcamp was heavily influenced by Smokey Robinson, Pharrell, D’Angelo and many more. While cultivating his music career, Mcamp has remained a full-time college student at the University of Southern California as a member of their Popular Music Program. Mcamp's sound has been described as "Music that you fell in love with in the 2000's while still keeping a fresh 2021 flavor" by Earmilk. One of his biggest releases, "Speed Dial No. 1," has over one million streams across all the DSPs. As 2022 approaches, fans can expect new music and collaborations from Mcamp and various artists and he is currently working with Jarline and Justice Carradine.
Speaking on his new management team, Mcamp says, "Working with FADER has been a special experience for many reasons. It has been a source of pride to be affiliated with a legendary company which has since its inception been wildly influential in the cultivation and curation of music and culture."
The theme of young, fresh and quickly-rising talent is not new to FADER when it comes to artist discovery. However, this next level for FADER and the opportunity to be creative, innovative, supportive on a day-to-day basis in a hands-on way can only lead to massive waves within the industry. Stay tuned for more from FADER Management, James Ivy, shallou, Del Water Gap, Mcamp and more."