Emo Nite - photo by Gil Riego

Emo Nite at the Echoplex in Los Angeles, CA

Chances are if you were old enough to have an opinion on music during the past two decades, you’ve heard--and loved--the emo staples that shaped the musical tastes of the crowd that swarms to Los Angeles’ Echoplex every first Tuesday of the month. Aptly titled Emo Nite, the monthly party has seen major success and not only sparked more monthly parties across the U.S. but has also found itself covered by the likes of Rolling Stone, Forbes and Billboard. Across all the publications and reviews, the general consensus is that Emo Nite is a safe space for a nostalgic generation to fulfill their musical appetites in a space normally reserved for the clubbing community.

Each party offers an opportunity to hear DJ sets from musicians in bands popular amongst the emo and pop punk scenes. The November Emo Nite was no exception, bringing out Clark Domae (Rufio), Bryce Avary (The Rocket Summer) and Crywolf.

Spinning tunes from Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday and Say Anything—just to name a few—there was not a person in the place that wasn’t screaming along, moshing or crowd surfing along. Not to mention, it also allows those of us who have always wanted to make it to the stage and rock out before heading back into the masses the opportunity to do so.

The monthly gathering is celebrating its two-year anniversary next month on Dec. 6. While all other Emo Nites run on a first come, first serve basis the anniversary is a ticketed event and promises to be an extravaganza to send out 2016 and usher in a new year, which will undoubtedly bring even bigger and even better Emo Nites.

Text by Victoria Patneaude
Photos by Gil Riego, Dave Olinger and Jacen Carpenter

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