EAW Introduces the SM12 Stage Monitor

 Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW®), a leader in professional audio solutions, introduces its latest innovation, the SM12 Stage Monitor. Inspired by the renowned Microwedge acoustic design, SM12 is the latest addition to EAW’s catalog of stage monitors and sets a new standard for performance, flexibility and ease-of-use in stage monitoring.

SM12 is a 2-way passive loudspeaker that can be used as a stage monitor or fill speaker. A concentric driver attached to a CSA wave guide provides even coverage throughout the 90- x 60-degree pattern. A large ground coupled port extends low frequency response down to 60Hz from the 12-inch woofer mounted in the low-profile wooden enclosure. When utilizing the available mounting pattern, SM12 can be used on a flat surface with two cabinet orientations or mounted on a third-party pole. An integrated kickstand offers additional positioning options when used as a stage or floor monitor.

"Stage space is at a premium and artists have high expectations,” says TJ Smith, president, Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW). “SM12’s compact and rugged form factor provides exceptional output and coverage over a large area from a small space using a single amplifier channel. It's designed to be deployed in multiple orientations and wiring configurations, making it a flexible addition to your inventory.”