EastWest Hollywood Fantasy Orchestrator: Create Scores in Seconds

EastWest's Hollywood Fantasy Orchestrator is here! The sixth and final chapter of the epic Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra, the Fantasy Orchestrator is an easy to use and inspiring tool to create music in the style of Hollywood’s greatest fantasy film, television, and game soundtracks in seconds.
Developed in collaboration with Sonuscore, Hollywood Fantasy Orchestrator features hundreds of customizable presets built with the cinematic world instrument ensembles from the Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra series and allows you to create real-time arrangements based on your MIDI input.
At the heart of Hollywood Fantasy Orchestrator is EastWest's innovative Scoring Engine, which produces everything from basic string arrangements to very complex orchestrations played by the full Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra. In the Mixer section, you can refine the final output of each instrument by adjusting the volume, pan, equalization, reverb preset, and reverb controls such as send amount, pre-delay, length, and filters.
More information at soundsonline.com/orchestral/hollywood-fantasy-orchestra