Drummer Tris Imboden Demos with EFNOTE

It’s mid morning and Tris Imboden has already paddled out and rode in multiple waves, and is preparing for his upcoming winery gig with his new band, Tris Imboden’s Yacht Stars, for their sold out resort gig in Southern California.

Tris is using his EFNOTE 7’s bluetooth feature to pump his arrangements straight into his headphones, where he controls the volume levels of the incoming music and his drums. All of this is backlit by more Platinum (some 9 x’s) and Gold Records than most successful recording studios can claim.

Tris Imboden: Dreams Made Real (EFNOTE 5 playing example)

As both Kenny Loggins and Chicago’s main drummer for decades, Tris laid e-drums on some of the largest songs ever recorded, as well as soundtracking Top Gun, Caddyshack and Footloose among others.

This Is Tris (EFNOTE 5 playing example) (Kenny Loggins - This Is It)

Heart To Heart (Kenny Loggins) (EFNOTE 7 playing example) (Kenny Loggins - Heart To Heart)