DIY Spotlight: Ratcliff Bailey


These artists are so DIY they create their own opportunities when none exist. Ratcliff Bailey are two musicians, Tim Ratcliff and Ken Bailey, who realized playing the same old standards in the local bar scene was a slow, agonizing musical death. So, they decided to strike out on their own.

Their mindset was to explore any opportunity, no matter how small or unreachable it seemed. Known to play anywhere, any time, for anyone, they report, “We told people we’d play a dogfight, because that’s our attitude.”

They built their own recording studio and upgraded it until it was a full 24-track operation, albeit in a bedroom, and recorded over 250 original songs there.

The duo named it Westfield Recording Company because it sounded more professional than “two guys with a small home studio.” But, that wasn’t really a lie. The company does exist and has grown steadily.

They wanted their songs heard, so they founded Westfield Radio, and have had listener “hits” from every continent except Antarctica.

The artists even started hosting The Westfield Alliance Indie Show, which is simulcast via eight stations in the US, Canada and Scotland. The program regularly features independent artists from over 20 countries.

They won an “Artist of the Year” award from Viking Radio, and are currently in negotiations with an independent label to release their third recording.

Yet... just like other acts, they occasionally get ignored when they send out Digital Press Kits, but they’re used to it. In fact, their mission follows their company’s motto: “Fight the Silence!”

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By Bernard Baur