DIY Spotlight: Melina Diehl

Singer/songwriter Melina Diehl has forged an innovative path with her music, one that incorporates the roots she formed in the tropics of Brazil. Blending her love for American pop classics with Brazilian bossa nova motifs, she created a sound that is uniquely personal yet universal.

Diehl has always been drawn to the soulful harmonies of The Beach Boys and Marvin Gaye, and when she discovered her first Carpenters record, it was a pivotal moment in her music career. In fact, she sang along to each track before she was old enough to understand what the songs were actually about.

Following her muse, Diehl began recording her latest single, “Seriously,” while studying at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA. After completing her studies, she returned to Brazil but continued to collaborate with American producer, Duddy, via Skype and email, sending drafts of the song back and forth.

Not totally familiar with North American music, Diehl gained knowledge by acquiring books, albums and information on international artists. Indeed, her passion was so great she learned everything she could and became a jack-of-all-trades so she could put her music out independently, acting as her own manager, booking agent, promoter, graphic designer and publisher—the epitome of a DIY artist.

With plans to return to the U.S. in the near future, Diehl will be traveling with a suitcase full of new sounds, a spicy musical perspective and enough material for a full-length album.

For more details, visit MelinaDiehl.com