DIY Spotlight: Dolly Dagger

Australia-born Los Angeles artist Dolly Dagger started on her musical journey in high school, taking vocal and guitar lessons, until she starts skipping classes to spend time in the music room.

“I didn’t start looking at it as a career or take it too seriously until I had my first real band with people that also wanted to do a bit more than just jam in the garage, and we realized that it takes a little more than just playing a few shows and bothering your friends,” Dagger says. 

Dagger says that she and guitarist Jesse McInturff have landed on a doom and groove sound.

“I think genre-wise, there’s a lot of ways that can go but as long as it dooms and grooves at the end of a session, we’re happy,” she says. 

April 10 saw the release of new single and video “Tower.”

“Louie [Diller, producer] and Jesse get really stuck into the riffs on this one,” Dagger said. “Their energy was infections and it all happened super-fast—you put a guitarist and a drummer together with similar influences and a love for gear, and it’s a recipe for some big hype energy.”

Dagger sees “DIY” a a stepping stone , a chance too build a solid foundation as an artist seeks to climb to bigger things.

“Just like any business, it takes a lot of wheels turning together and even though I wear a lot of hats, the more we grow the less DIY it becomes and I’m so grateful for the people in our corner and do-it-together seems more fitting now,” she says.

Looking ahead, Dagger has plenty planned for 2024.

“I’m heading off to Australia to play a couple of shows, and we’re currently working on our next EP,” she says. “We’re super excited about the second half of this year and getting to work on finishing up those tracks.”

For more information, visit dollydaggerxo.com.