DIY Spotlight: Alex Kane

Guitarist, singer, songwriter, frontman, producer—Alex Kane has done it all. The man never stops working, and he’s been rewarded with some high-profile gigs playing guitar for all of the surviving Ramones (Marky, Richie and CJ), Enuff Z’Nuff, Little Caesar and, most recently, Shark Island. Those who saw his own band AntiProduct will never forget it—Kane created a melody fueled arena rock experience for small stages. And a few big ones.

With all of that said, Kane claims that he’s still figuring out how to make this music game pay.

“I’m still finding that moment as illusive as positivity in American politics,  but I can say any one dollar I earn for making music is worth more than 100 bucks in any other method of getting money,” Kane says. “Cherished for real. Also, I’ve come to terms with not expecting or feeling music owes me shit. I do it because I love creating music that can bring people together and to show myself that I’m not the only one who feels the way I do.”

A common mistake that musicians make, Kane says, is getting bitter when things aren’t going swimmingly.

“Bitter, entitled people will never get the job,” he says. “Don’t resent those who you deem less talented, and work on yourself rather than blaming the world. Many people far more talented and influential than you have not made it.”

Kane says that, to him, the term “DIY” means, “Not paying middle men to do what you can do for yourself to compensate for shitty relationships with your parents.”

Ever-driven, Kane is working on the next Enuff Z’Nuff album. Kane also performs with fellow punk workhorse Jiro—the pair are touring South America later this year.

“Basically, doing it for the music and the people who like the music I make,” Kane says. “Never letting them down, either, in recording or live. I just wanna ride this tiger and never do any work I’m not completely proud of and dedicated to. Also, buy property in Italy so in 15 years I can retire there, get fat, go bald finally and rescue any animal who needs a buddy because they have more humanity than we do... and the U.S. is an Empire in decline.”

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