OC9 Music Group diy spotlight

DIY Spotlight: OC9 Music Group

The music business is a tough gig, especially for songwriters. So, a group of DIY purists took matters into their own hands. Specifically, it was Orange County, CA songwriter Cliff Nelson who came up with a solution, “I believe we need to circle the wagons and band together. There’s power in numbers. … Many songwriters are used to doing everything for themselves, but that attitude has to change. You need to turn Me… into We.” Applying that concept, Nelson created the OC9 Music Group with a hand-picked group of friends with impressive credentials in the music biz. “I knew exactly who I wanted to work with; they had amazing songs and took songwriting seriously.”

Nelson explains, “We’re called the OC9 because there were nine original members from Orange County, California.” OC9’s creative minds work-share their resources, connections and contacts for networking purposes.

One of their missions is to get songs placed. Together they explore various avenues including films, TV, commercials, charities, sporting events, companies, plays and local artists who are going places. In fact, OC9 likes to help up-and-coming artists with an interest and a voice in their songs. 

Nelson says, “We know that it can be a hard and lonely road. But the difference with OC9 is… we’re taking that journey together.” 

For more, see OC9MusicGroup.com.