Dixie Dregs

Dixie Dregs at Canyon Club

Dixie Dregs is on their first ever reunion tour of their classic lineup. It has been 40 years since Steve Morse (Guitar), Andy West (Bass), Allen Sloan (Violin), Steve Davidowski (Keyboards) and Rod Morgenstein (Drums) have all played together. This tour titled “Dawn of the Dregs,” is coming across North American and hitting all major cities. Dixie Dregs formed by Morse and West has seen a number of members come and go, but there’s nothing like the classic lineup which stopped at the Canyon Club on April 21. When it comes to instrumental songs, Dixie Dregs sure knows how to blow the audience away. With the speed of their playing, you would never know they’ve been around 40+ years already as they haven’t slowed down a bit. The members of Dixie Dregs are also known for being members of other major bands such as Morse and Deep Purple as well as Morgenstein and Winger.

The show which was broken into two sets included “Night of the Living Dregs,” “Free Fall,” Refried Funky Chicken,” “What If,” and a cover of “Crossroads,” with Little Feat’s Paul Barrere covering vocals and Travis Larson playing dual guitar with Morse as well. The show ended with “Blood Sucking Leaches.”

Set 1

Divided We Stand

Free Fall


Night of the Living Dregs

Twiggs Approved

Take It Off the Top

What If

Country House Shuffle

Moe Down


Set 2

Allen Sloan Solo

Northern Lights

Go for Baroque

Day 444

Refried Funky Chicken

Leprechaun Promenade

Wages of Weirdness

The Bash

Cruise Control


Crossroads with Paul Barrere (vocals) and Travis Larson (Guitar)

Bloodsucking Leeches