Deep Purple

Deep Purple and Alice Cooper at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, CA

Three of the greatest groups of the 70's and 80's, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper and Edgar Winter Group, stopped at the Greek Theater on Aug. 13 after their historic tour started the night before in Las Vegas, NV. This triple bill features three iconic groups who this day you can hear on the radio at any given time or hear their music in T.V. commercials. In 2011 Alice Cooper was inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame with Deep Purple following five years later in 2016.

Edgar Winter and his group started the night off with one his biggest hits "Free Ride." Winter also paid tribute to his brother legendary blues guitarist Johnny Winter with the song "Tobacco" rode which included Winter and his band playing the parts we was singing on guitar and bass. Winter also covered his brother's hit "Rock N' Roll Hoochie Koo." The fun part of seeing Winter isn't just the great songs but seeing him switch between vocals, keyboards, sax, and drums all on one song like "Frankenstein." which was his closing song.

For Alice Cooper's grand entrance sparks flew down from above and first song of his set was "Brutal Planet." Cooper than broke into his hit "No More Mr. Nice Guy." Cooper’s show included all the theatrics from his infamous guillotine to throwing fake money off a sword on the song “Billion Dollar Babies,” to the giant Alice Cooper style Frankenstein on “Feed My Frankenstein.” Cooper’s set ended with two of his biggest songs “I’m 18,” and “School’s Out,” with Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In The Wall,” added in. Cooper ended his show with streamers, confetti, and balloons which he popped with a sword. Regardless of the group, Alice Cooper is one of the toughest acts to follow in Rock N Roll.


Deep Purple kicked off their set like lighting with “Highway Star.” Deep Purple kept rocking with songs like “Fireball Lazy,” “Lazy,” “Space Truckin,” “Smoke On The Water,” and “Hush” Although only three members from the classic lineup remain in the group with singer Ian Gillan, drummer Ian Paice, and bassist Roger Glover, guitarist Steve Morse (ex-Dixie Dregs) who joined in 1994 and keyboardist Don Airey (Ozzy Osbourne, Rainbow) who joined in 2002 have helped keep Deep Purple’s sound as close to their classic area as possible and continually wow the audience. The band plays as fierce as ever.

Photos and Text by Alex Kluft