Corey Feldman at Whisky a Go Go

It was a spectacular night at Whisky a Go Go, as actor, singer, and song writer Cory Feldman delivered an amazing show, a crowd full of Feldman fanatics praising him for a great performance. Once friends with Michael Jackson, young Corey loved to emulated Michael's style, which he incorporated on stage the night of this recent show. His shiny military jacket, greasy hair and vocals captured the essence of the days when Michael mesmerized a crowd.

With hits like ‘We Wanted Change, ‘What’s up with the youth’ and ‘ Go 4 it’ under his belt, Feldman has proven to be a force to be reckoned with. He has released the official music video for his latest certified hit, “Comeback King.” An edgy track, which features a quantity of throwback flavor and uplifting rhythmic sound, “Comback King” is the first single from Feldman’s new album, Love Left 2: Arm Me with Love, a sequel to his debut album. Corey Hasn’t dropped anything in six years, so this would be his first full-length studio album in a long time. “Comeback King” features rapper Curtis Young, son of hip-hop producer Dr. Dre.

Overall, the night was one to remember, and certainly an experience where you just had to be there. Nonetheless Feldman, who hasn’t forgotten his humble beginnings, dedicated a song to his late best friend , actor Corey Haim, called “Remember 222,” before leaving the stage. It was a touching tribute to Haim during which clips of their movies and photos were displayed in the background. Feldman’s show lasted about an hour, but he definitely made it a night to remember.