Coheed And Cambria's 'The Afterman: Descension'

Coheed And CambriaCoheed-Afterman_decension
The Afterman: Descension
Everything Evil/Hundred Handed
Producer: Various
Score: 8 out of 10

The Afterman: Descension marks Coheed’s seventh studio album and the conclusion to the Afterman concept (and double album). Just as with Ascension, this record tugs at the heart strings with seasoned bluesy guitar leads, powerful vocal melodies and a damn depressing story—words used to describe just about any Coheed album, right? Where Claudio and company really show their artistic growth is in the fourth track, “Number City.” It begins like any other prog-rock bit: distorted bass, effected vocals; but before you know what hit you, you’re snapping your fingers to a groovy, ‘70s influenced guitar line backed by full brass. Hooks are apparent, influences are vast and no doubt, the comic will keep Evil Ink nerds occupied.

By Andy Mesecher

To stream the album for free, visit http://rol.st/WOxtt4.