Jimmy R. Landry

Close Up: Jimmy R. Landry

Multi-Faceted Music Industry Professional: Based in NYC, Jimmy R. Landry's multi-faceted career has toggled between the artistic and business sides of the music industry. Starting out as a young touring musician from Maine, his first New York band Hidden Persuaders evolved into Splender and was signed to Columbia Records.

After parting with that band just before their signing and rise to prominence, Landry was hired at Elektra Records, working in Radio Promotion, Marketing and finally A&R. He later signed a recording contract with EMI/Priority/Capitol with his globally touring band, the Wine Field, who shared the stage with Maroon 5, LFO, American Hi-Fi and Howie Day, among others. In 2006, he again returned to work, joining Capitol Records as an A&R Representative/ Staff Producer/Songwriter/Mixer, focusing on Artist Development. Now as Head of Artist and Public Relations/Account Mgmt for the Cakewalk Division of Gibson Brands, Inc., Landry works with artists, record labels, film makers, publishers and brands in various capacities while using the company’s flagship SONAR software to educate musicians globally on DIY.

Wide Array Of Indie Projects: Landry’s slate of independent projects is as varied and dynamic as his career. He has had songwriting/ production success on everything from Pokémon DVD’s to tracks with artists like The Voice winner Javier Colon, Rooster (Sony/BMG), Dilana (Rock Star Super Nova) and Comic Book Heroes (Disney Top 30 artist charts and NASCAR). He has recently been working with European artists, including Finland’s Peppina, and the Netherlands’ Lang Frans. Affiliating with CoffeeRing Entertainment and Veritas Motion Pictures, Landry has also found a niche writing songs for indie films.

Advocate For Adapting: Jimmy R. Landry's current slate––heavily working his full-time Cakewalk gig with an ongoing slew of freelance production opportunities––speaks to his ability to adapt in an industry that he has seen shift away from major-label dominance. Landry says, “I’m proof that even though there’s not a ton of money in the industry to go around like in the past, if you have strong ears, great equipment and good recording skills, there are things you can do to survive as a working professional. It’s all about shifting your mindset, aligning yourself with good people, finding independent opportunities and over-delivering.”

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