Close Up: Gallagher/The Recording Studio Insurance Program

Gallagher, a global leader: Founded in 1927, Gallagher is a global leader in insurance, risk management and consulting services. More than simply an insurance broker, it is an international group of partners that provide cost-effective, client-centric and expertise driven risk management solutions. The company’s leadership team fosters a dynamic, entrepreneurial culture that has made Gallagher an innovator in creating new products and services for clients. One of the most unique of these is the Recording Studio Insurance Program, which was launched by insurance broker Joe Montarello over 20 years ago. As a musician with his own small home studio, he realized that the standard insurance coverage form was inadequate, because while it covered a traditional space and contents, the coverage didn’t speak to certain coverage needed for the recording gear or buildouts. 

The Recording Studio Insurance Program, Getting a quote from Tracy Wronoski: Wronoski, Area VP for Gallagher, working with clients within the program since 2013 and becoming the primary Producer/Broker and Marketing Director for the program in 2021, says, “If traditional agents don’t understand recording studio culture, they may not ask questions about their gear or the studio buildout including acoustical treatments, soundproofing and floating floors. Typical insurance companies insure traditional reconstruction, but not the improvements and betterments for the studio space. We risk manage from the ground up, and every policy is customized to fit an individual owner’s needs.”

Coverage Features and Clientele: The coverage is for all gear that belongs to the owner, along with similar gear of others that is in the owner’s care, custody and control. The policy features include: computer viruses, equipment breakdown coverage, coverage for borrowed/rented gear, theft by any party, full replacement value coverage, electrical disturbances, fire coverage, coverage for damaged media, comprehensive business liability coverage, and coverage for gear in transit and away from the studio. The program’s promotional flyer features praise quotes from Blackbird Studios and Record Plant Remote Electric Lady Studios. Another prominent client is The Village Recorders in Los Angeles. In addition to these high-profile clients, the program also includes private home and project studios and post house facilities. 

A Deeper Understanding: Wronoski says, “The most important difference between the Recording Studio Insurance Program and traditional policies is that we understand, for instance, the difference between a brand new API console and a vintage NEVE. We know the difference between Telefunken and Neumann mics and why their value is more excessive than a traditional insurance company would expect to cover. When a claim is filed, that’s when we shine. That’s when our clients need someone supporting them who understands what needs to be covered.” 

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