Up Close: F-Pedals


The Joining of Two Great Musical Forces: As founder of the growing L.A.-based company F-Pedals, Francesco Sondelli’s mission is to inspire musicians to continue making great music by expanding their soundscape. Above all else, the Naples, Italy born musician and entrepreneur aims to keep his prices fair. Sondelli moved to the U.S. with his Italian bandmates Mario Pagliarulo and Roberto Zincone. Their band The Petalstones featured lead vocals by actress Malin Akerman. Later on during his solo career, Sondelli crossed paths with Eddie Kramer, who has engineered and/or produced legends including Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and more. In 2005, Kramer produced Sondelli’s album Disordinary, and the common passion in making music and food bonded them as close friends ever since. Kramer teamed up with F-Pedals to create the company’s first line of their Legends Series.

The Eddie Kramer Line and Beyond: This line, currently including EdstortionTM and PhazeVibeTM pedals, features ultra compact purely analog pedals inspired by the legendary engineer and producer’s world renowned works over the past 50 years. It is the result of countless hours taking samples of Kramer’s best works, working with engineers around the world to approximate his signature sound. The PhazeVibe 
is a cross between a phaser, auto-wha and univibe—it’s all and none
 of them at the same time. The Edstortion is a classic analog distortion pedal. Sondelli suggests users to try the pedals to enhance the sound on different instruments including guitars, drums, vocals, keyboards and bass. F-Pedals will soon roll out four new pedals: RobotHolicTM, Echo- BanditTM, TremelonTM and DarkLightTM, all of which will remain analog and compact sized.

Wireless Power System: At the Winter NAMM Show 2014, F-Pedals introduced the first ever wireless power system to the world of guitar pedals. The F-PowerTM system was inspired by one of the most respected scientists of all time, Nikola Tesla. It allows users to run F-Pedals without any power supplies or any batteries inside the pedals by using F-BoardTM. F-Pedals can be used with a conventional power supply for a seamless integration with the user’s existing set-up.

For more information, visit f-pedals.com.

By Jonathan Widran