Up Close: Peterson Strobe Tuners

It All Began With An Organ: In 1948, Richard Peterson, Founder of The Northern Illinois-based Peterson Company, completed development of the earliest Peterson analog tuner, the Model 150, which was marketed after being developed for Peterson’s own use for tuning organs. The company went on to develop the world’s first transistor organ  in 1957, which would be marketed by Gulbransen and help secure that company’s position as technical leader in the organ field.



Six Decades Devoted to Accuracy: The first tone generators were created to audibly tune using the tuner as the reference pitch. While some of those early Peterson tuners are still in use today, over the last 60 years the line has developed side by side with the organ controls division. Trusted by professionals for over six decades, Peterson (branded as “The Sound of Precision”) offers a wide variety of strobe tuning equipment for various needs today. Chris Labriola from the company’s tuner product development department says, “We provide accuracy anywhere from 10-30 times that of our competitors.”


Affordable to the End User: While most strobe tuners  previously cost several hundred dollars, the $140 consumer-friendly Peterson StroboPlus HD™ is an ultra-high resolution strobe tuner with the company’s largest illuminated display ever featured in a traditional strobe format. Users can chromatically tune any instrument confidently to even the most exacting standards or use any of the over 90 exclusive Sweetened Tunings™ that are developed and optimized for specific instruments. All instruments can be adjusted slightly different to account for issues like string deflection and string gauge.


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Adaptability: Consumers can use the built-in mic, plug in or clip-on pickup to tune their instruments quickly with the StroboPlus HD’s smooth, real time display—or they can program their custom tunings using the PetersonConnect™ online utility. Other products that Peterson has been well known for over the past decade are the StroboClip™ clip-on tuner, the StroboStomp Classic™ pedal tuner and the StroboRack rackmount tuner. Peterson also offers mobile tuning apps for iOS and Android for $9.99.