Cannabis Oriented Songs & Artists Wanted for Series

Cannabis is crossing over to the mainstream in what experts are calling the "Green Rush." CBD and cannabis stores are popping up everywhere. For the first time, a majorly distributed label called Music in Cannabis has launched dedicated to songs, artists and creativity inspired by the power of the plant.

Launched by longtime industry veterans who were involved in the launch and promotion of such superstars as BOB MARLEY, CHEECH & CHONG, CYPRESS HILL, DR DRE & SNOOP DOGG (THE CHRONIC), WILLIE NELSON, SANTANA, GRATEFUL DEAD, JEFFERSON AIRPLANE, FUGEES, ICE CUBE, WU-TANG CLAN, LIL WAYNE, DRAKE, WIZ KHALIFA, ZIGGY MARLEY and many more. The label will launch 4-20-2020 in a special event in California, the epicenter of cannabis culture and business. The Music in Cannabis label will premiere with a series of 4-20 track compilation albums entitled Cannabis Moguls, featuring the songs from all popular genres, including rock, reggae, soul, hip-hop, & alt-pop, featuring songs inspired by and dedicated to the love of the plant. Over 42.0 months, four volumes will be unveiled with 80 anthems, Vol.1 subtitled CHRONIC MASTERS, Vol. 2 POWER OF THE PLANT, Vol. 3 HIGH SOCIETY and Vol. 4.20 SKY HIGH. Full releases by fan-selected artists from the Worldwide Series will follow.

Label spokesman Dr. J. Marley explains “Cannabis Moguls like B-REAL, SNOOP, WAYNE and more are like the ‘new rock stars’, and the Green Rush is touching millions of people daily in a positive way, empowering artists and creatives in new and innovative ways like never before!”

A related series of outdoor festivals & tour has launched, with a clothing line made from hemp, and conference for creatives to find out more ways they can be a part of ‘The Green Rush’ is being unveiled on 4-20-2020. To submit unreleased songs and collaborative involvement, email: [email protected] (for artists, producers, graphic designers, indie studios), and for info on upcoming Music in Cannabis events, festivals, BET Weekend Parties and conference email: [email protected].