Brody Price Signs with Niles City Records

Dallas, Texas-based artist Brody Price has signed with Niles City Records, a label spearheaded by acclaimed singer/songwriter Robert Ellis, producer Josh Block (Leon Bridges, White Denim, Caamp), and artist manager Cara Merendino (Robert Ellis, Liz Cooper). Price’s full-length label debut Win A Trip To Palm Springs! is set to release on October 28 and features instrumental and vocal appearances by Ellis, as well as John Paul White of The Civil WarsWill Johnson of Centro-matic, and Andy Baxter of Penny & Sparrow. The album is available for pre-order now via Price’s website.

Price is previewing Win A Trip To Palm Springs! today with a music video for lead single “Dying When I Met You,” which showcases the gentle brutality and well-thought-out chaos of the forthcoming 10-song set — cheekily referred to as “doom country” by Price himself. Vacillating between moments of polished folk songwriting, weighty sludge metal, and noise rock mayhem, the songs follow Price’s evolutionary path into becoming a human with a license to be angry, hopeful, and fully himself. “I’ve always felt like I inhabit the in-between places in life,” Price reveals. “In music, I’ve always been too country for the indie rock scene and too indie for the country scene. I’ve realized how comfortable I feel in that space now: in a strange Venn diagram where some of my biggest influences like John Prine, Sunn O))), Nirvana, and Gram Parsons all overlap.”

Growing up in a sheltered conservative household and dealing with mental health issues throughout his youth, it was a geological expedition in Joshua Tree and the Mojave Desert spent researching 70 million-year-old magma bodies (as well as his free time in the nearby Palm Springs area) that shaped who Price is today and the music he’s making. Of the experience and the impact it had on the upcoming record, Price offers, “Being out there for the first time was so cathartic. I couldn't believe that I was this kid from south Texas that had ended up working with folks from all over the world in one of the most other-worldly places I'd ever seen. Just because I wanted to. Not because it was going to make my parents happy or make a lot of money. I just went because I wanted to learn. I was so far away from my ‘old life’ and the expectations of other people. Away from the whole ‘you've gotta dress like this, behave like this, vote like this, pray like this.’ It was just totally freeing. The more time I spent out there the more I realized that the same sense of freedom and solitude that attracts me to that region attracts so many other folks. My hope is that this record could be that place for folks: rest, escape, joy, mourning... basically a place that can morph into whatever you need at the given time.”