Blink-182 at the FivePoint Amphitheatre in Irvine, CA

In the history of modern punk, few groups have seen the success that Blink-182 has. The group formed in 1992 and has seen two lineup changes, the first one being when Travis Barker joined in 1998 and the second when Alkaline Trio’s, Matt Skiba replaced Tom DeLonge after the trio had been reunited for six years. With Skiba, the group had one release with another one, Nine, being released just a month away. This year, the group embarked on a summer tour with Lil Wayne to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of Enema of the State, the album with the infamous nurse cover. This album was the first Blink-182 album with Barker on drums. It was produced by Jerry Finn who had massive success with Green Day’s, Dookie four years earlier. The album went on to sell over 15 million copies and the group had a number of radio hits and historic videos on MTV. This album was crucial to the re-launch of punk in the new millennium.

Unfortunately, for the Five Point Amphitheater show in Irvine, CA Tuesday night, Lil Wayne canceled just an hour before Neck Deep, the opening group, was scheduled. Blink-182 took the stage at 9:15 p.m., as they were scheduled. Blink-182 is the type of group that has a bigger and better production every time they come around and their current stage set-up is very impressive. With Blink-182 being a San Diego band and with punk's long history in OC, Irvine was a great place for this show. Also, Blink-182 had played Irvine Meadows on their previous tour. For anyone that grew up in the late '80s/early ’90s, this is definitely a very cherished band and many songs were sing-alongs.

The show started with “Dumpweed,” the opening song of Enema of the State and the band played the album in its entirety through "Anthem." After completing the album, Skiba and Hoppus made their way through the crowd and went up to the upper section and one took the left side and the other took the right. During the third song, inflatable aliens were thrown around the crowd for "Aliens Exist." Siba and Hoppus played “Down” and “Wasting Time” acoustically. While the stage was getting prepped for Barker’s solo, Richard Cheese’s jazz version of “Feeling This” played. However, there was quite a delay before the next song, “I Miss You.” Vic Mensa came out to sing the beginning. There were technical difficulties keeping Barker from his solo so he played a shortened one during “Violence.”

The group continued and played the rest of the set straight through without leaving and coming back for an encore. The closing songs were “First Date,” “Happy Holidays (You Bastard)" which they performed in the dark, and their usual closer “Dammit.” Blink-182 just released their latest music video “Darkside,” which was performed in a school with kids pulling off Fortnite dance moves. Blink-182’s final tour date with Lil Wayne is Sept. 20 in Brooklyn, NY and they have two dates after, Sept. 22 in Columbus, Ohio with All Time Low and the final show scheduled this year will be at the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, CA on Oct.12.