Black Lion Audio Updates Portable Recording Interface with Revolution EXP

Following the recently-introduced Revolution 6x6, Black Lion Audio augments its truly high-end, portable recording interface line-up with the 192 kHz sample rate-supporting Revolution EXP — representing revolutionary expansion professionally packaged in a road-worthy, rack-mountable metal enclosure encompassing 16 analogue TRS connections alongside 16 channels of ADAT I/O, boutique component selection, plus proprietary MACRO-MMC clocking ensuring that every connected device sounds its absolute best.

Any ADAT-compatible recording interface can be effectively expanded by adding more inputs and outputs with Revolution EXP; connect the two devices using four TOSLINK fibre optic cables in pairs, providing (up to) 16 channels of (16-bit/44.1 kHz- to 24-bit/48 kHz-quality) ADAT I/O. In the case of Revolution EXP, its connections are labelled ADAT - S/MUX, meaning four channels of audio I/O at 24-bit/96 kHz or two channels of audio I/O at 24-bit/192 kHz are alternatively possible over each pair of cables. Connectivity continues courtesy of Revolution EXP’s 16 analogue TRS connections in an eight-input — IN 1 through to IN 8 (each with a -10dBv pad for managing hotter signals) — and eight-output — OUT 1 through to OUT 8 — configuration.

It is fair to say, then, that expanded I/O allows anyone to take their production workflow to exciting new places production-wise and also location-wise. With Revolution EXP it is possible to add hardware compressors, stereo reverbs, or, indeed, any other external hardware processor to DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) workflow — capture multi-channel recordings of hardware synths or drum machines; connect pre-amps to the eight analogue inputs to record multi-channel drums; use the eight outputs to connect Revolution EXP to an analogue summing mixer, using two inputs as a stereo return; or use those eight outputs to connect a multi-speaker array and mix in Dolby Atmos, for instance. Whatever way anyone chooses to use those connections, expanding studio connectivity clearly comes naturally to Revolution EXP, as reflected in its appropriate appellation.

But Black Lion Audio being Black Lion Audio, there is more to Revolution EXP than might meet the eye at first glance, however — not least its proprietary MACRO-MMC clocking technology. Being based on Black Lion Audio’s numerous clocking products and interface modifications, MACRO-MMC’s extraordinarily low jitter ensures extraordinary clarity and sheen in the high-end, so operates beyond merely keeping all connected devices in sync, but also ensures that every connected device sounds its absolute best, bolstered by boutique components from Vishay, Nichicon, and Wima that, themselves, ensure maximum signal quality and low-noise. Needless to say, Revolution EXP supports sample rates up to 192 kHz, so can comfortably be used as the primary word clock device driving entire studios, or synchronised itself to an external clocking device — hence its WORD CLOCK IN-labelled BNC connector.

Clearly, Revolution EXP’s bright, eight-stage metering dominating its no-nonsense front panel ensures that accurate, at-a-glance checks of every input and output are always an easy-on-the-eye experience. Its road-worthy, rack-mountable metal enclosure ensures everything incorporated into the distinctive design has a long life, lengthened further still by future firmware updates delivered via the dedicated FIRMWARE UPDATE ONLY USB-C connection. Indeed, it truly represents revolutionary expansion living up to its notable name.

Revolution EXP should start shipping through Black Lion Audio’s growing global network of dealers/distributors (blacklionaudio.com/dealers) with a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) of $799.00 USD and an SSP (Suggested Selling Price) of €1,065.00 EUR (including VAT) towards the end of November 2023.

For more in-depth info, visit the dedicated Revolution EXP webpage here: blacklionaudio.com/store/interfaces/revolution-exp