Beatclub Inc. Releases Its First Plug-in: BC-1

Beatclub Inc., the premier global marketplace for music creators, and home to the most talented and sought-after producers, songwriters, and artists in the music business, announced today the release of its very first Plug-in. At Beatclub, the team of ‘producer-first’ developers have created the BC-1 Time Traveler, a plugin that combines the features of several different modules that are necessary inclusions in all music creator toolboxes. The plugin includes the very best features native to DAWs and plugins but with an added adaptability, and premium sound quality that's highly attractive to producers at all skill levels. Learn more about BC-1 Time Traveler HERE

“Since Beatclub is a creator hub platform where you can find all the necessary resources to level up your music, it's only natural that we begin to develop our own line of plug-ins and VSTs to help creators in their process,” said Timbaland, Co-Founder of Beatclub.  “The BC1 Time Traveler is the first of many.”

“The BC1 Time Traveler is an example of what happens when Beatclub taps into its creator community to find out exactly what they want out of a plug-in and execute on that information,” added Beatclub co-founder Gary Marella.  “By connecting producers and engineers with top tier software developers, Beatclub will be able to continue to innovate in this space.”

“‘BC1 is my new go-to effect,” said Grammy Award Winning Producer Federico Vindver. “It's literally everything I ever wanted in a plug-in. I feel I can't make records without it.”

BC-1 Time Traveler is the dream plug-in for music producers and audio engineers alike. The prismatic audio plugin boasts a stylish user interface and dynamic FX suite that will inspire creativity and elevate your sound.

The BC-1 Time Traveler adds a layer of synesthesia to audio using cutting-edge modules like Modern/Vintage Pitch Shifter, Noise Generator, Tape, Reverb, Half Time, Noise Gate, Mix Degradation, and Hi/Low Pass Filter.  The incorporated pitch shifter time stretching engine was actually developed and powered by élastique Pro V3 by Z Plane. Beatclub has also included industry-level presets from elite Beatclub members so that users can be confident that their productions will stand out from the crowd. With its extensive collection of effects, Beatclub provides users with a solution that eliminates any needs for additional processing from other audio software products.

The BC1 Time Traveler has already been used on records like Meghan Trainer’s current top ten single “Made You Look” and also on many songs for Justin Timberlake’s upcoming album.