beatBread Introduces Funding Network and Deal Comparison Tools 

beatBread (www.beatBread.com), the AI-driven music funding platform that allows artists, labels and writers to customize their terms without sacrificing choice of distribution, publishing or marketing partners, has launched the beatBread Funding Network to provide even more choice and empowerment for artists and labels seeking funding. 

The beatBread Funding Network provides quick and easy side-by-side comparisons of multiple offers from a range of distributors and music companies, along with beatBread’s own capital sources.  Qualifying artists and labels can also invite distribution and label partners from outside the network to make offers inside beatBread’s platform, or use the platform to challenge participants in the Funding Network to beat the terms previously offered by a third party.   

In conjunction with the launch of the Funding Network, beatBread has introduced deal comparison tools to enable artists and labels to better analyze trade-offs between funding options.  These tools leverage beatBread’s industry-leading chordCashAI™ streaming forecasting technology to enable artists and labels to make better funding choices. 

“Bringing distributors and other funding sources onto our platform builds on the growing power of artists of all sizes to maintain independence, build a career on their own terms and choose from an increasing variety of distribution and promotion options. At beatBread, we’re using our platform to amplify and enhance these forces,” said Peter Sinclair, CEO and co-founder of beatBread.  “Our mission has always been to empower independent artists and labels. The only way to ensure that indie artists and labels get the best possible terms is to offer them choice, leverage, and the analytical tools to make smart decisions.   

"We’ve been quietly beta testing the Funding Network over the last 6 months, funding artists and labels with both our own capital and capital from leading distributors and music companies. What we’ve found is that every situation is different. Sometimes the best funding option comes when beatBread provides 100% of the funding. Other times, the best option for an artist or label is a deal where some or all of the capital comes from our partners, or from sources outside the Funding Network altogether. We help artists and labels compare a full range of options so they can choose the funding option that best fits their needs.  Our mission is to empower artists and labels with choice, insights and leverage, we’re proud when we help an artist or indie label achieve the best outcome, whether beatBread and its partners provide the investment or not.”