Beach Boys

The Beach Boys at Segerstrom Hall in Costa Mesa, CA

If there’s one band that plays nearly 40 songs and the crowd knows each and every song it’s The Beach Boys. Formed in Hawthorne, CA in 1961 The Beach Boys became America’s biggest group with 36 Top 40 hits and over 100 million album sales worldwide. In the band’s nearly 58 year history, there have been many lineup changes but lead vocalist Mike Love has been the only consistent touring member to this day from the original group. Bruce Johnston continues to fill in for the group's co-founder Brian Wilson, who quit touring in 1965. The Beach Boys were inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame in 1988 and received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2001. In November 2017 Love released his first solo album titled Unleash the Love, a double album consisting of new material with studio musicians and Beach Boys classics recreated with the current Beach Boys band. The Beach Boys started their tour two weeks ago and it runs through July.

The Beach Boys played in Costa Mesa at Segerstrom Hall on Jan. 31 with Full House star John Stamos. This show was nearly two and a half hours long and was broken into two sets. Stamos played throughout the show switching between guitar, drums, and percussion as well as providing backing vocals. The Beach Boys kicked off the show with "Do it Again" and played hit after hit. In their first set they performed songs like “Surfin’ U.S.A.,” “409,” “Shut Down,” and ended with “I Get Around.” From Unleash the Love, Love performed “All the Love in Paris,” and played two more songs from the album in the second set. Before “Be True to Your School,” Love and Stamos made their traditional jokes where Stamos says the song came out the year he was born and Love says “I had a lot of fun with your mother in the ’60s.” As always Love tells Stamos to do a light drumroll which turns into a drum solo that has the audience laughing every time. The jokes kept coming with Love saying the song is about women in uniform referencing cheerleaders and Love singing the first word of the song, getting down on his knee and holding the note on the first word until he is helped up by Johnston.

The second set started with a cover of The Mamas and Papas “California Dreamin’” and continued with songs like “Wouldn’t It Be Nice.” The band honored Carl Wilson by playing video footage of him during “God Only Knows.” Johnston took the lead for “Disney Girls,” after Love announced him as the man who wrote Barry Manilow’s hit “I Write the Songs,” then joked how they would not be performing it. The group also performed “Pisces Brothers,” which Love wrote as a tribute to George Harrison and their time together in India, as well as the title track of Unleash the Love. The last two songs before the encore were “Kokomo,” and “Good Vibrations.” The Beach Boys ended this incredible night with “Fun, Fun, Fun.” 60's teen idol Bobby Sherman made a rare appearance twice during the show. When it comes to bands that are fun for the whole family and that multiple generations can enjoy, the Beach Boys are the band to see.

At 77, Love continues to play shows throughout the year and around the world and this tour has dates all over Europe and the U.K.