Bad Bunny at the Arena

Bad Bunny now holds the record for highest grossing concert at the Arena in Los Angeles. A huge accomplishment for a Puerto Rican and Spanish speaking artist. With five studio albums under his belt, he consistently ranks as the most-streamed artist in the world on Spotify. Bad Bunny spearheaded three shows at the Arena from March 13-15. Bad Bunny is one of the top acts to see on tour thanks to the elaborate show concepts he creates to bring each album to life. The Most Wanted Tour brings to life nadie sabe lo que va a pasar mañana – Bad Bunny's return to the genre that made him famous, trap music. 

The show was performed in the round with two stages on either side of the arena, giving everyone an intimate and up-close view of Bad Bunny. The concert began with a sweet symphony of instruments as an orchestra performed on one side of the stage. The dramatic mood made the perfect entrance for Bad Bunny as he emerged mysteriously through fog with his face covered in a dark veil to the verses of “Nadie Sabe,” the opening track of nadie sabe lo que va a pasar mañana. The night was separated into different acts. The first act of the night was dedicated to his latest release, a sonic mix of latin trap and house sounds including hits “MONACO” and “FINA.” Bad Bunny had the crowd screaming when fellow Puerto Rican Latin trap and reggaeton rapper Bryant Myers appeared for a duet of their collaboration “SEDA.” There was never a dull moment on stage as Bad Bunny’s dynamic rapping vocals combined with sequenced pyrotechnics and energetic dancers had the crowd going rowdy. To end the act, just like in the music video which paid homage to Nosferatu, his performance of “BATICANO” featured dancers dressed as monsters.

For the second act, replicating the cowboy artwork for nadie sabe lo que va a pasar mañana, Bad Bunny made his entrance to the second stage on riding a real-life horse. For most of this act, it was just Bad Bunny on stage. No dancers in sight. This helped transform the night into an intimate ambient setting. As the night progressed he slowly climbed into a floating bridge platform that allowed him to get up close-and-personal to the crowd in the nose-bleed sections. He later made his way towards the first stage by jumping on top of a piano for an acoustic rendition of GRACIAS POR NADA” and “un x100to.” Bad Bunny brought the energy back to the stage as he performed a medley of his upbeat perreo tracks including “Safaera,” “Yo perreo sola” and the bombastic hit “DÁKITI.” From every inch of the arena you could feel the thunderous energy of the crowd screaming along to each and every song. The night ended with “WHERE SHE GOES.”