Avatar w/Hellzapoppin and The Brains at The Regent in Los Angeles

Swedish metal band Avatar, swept through town bringing their nightmarish circus themed act to the Regent Stage. To set the tone for the evening, the ‘Hellazoppin Circus Sideshow’ gang brought out all their tools and tricks to wow the audience. Featuring jaw-dropping acts from Bryce “The Govna” Graves, Ryan Stock, Dan Sperry and Short E Dangerously, the team took turns performing grotesque, yet playful acts to a very enthusiastic crowd.

The musical performances of the evening, started when Montreal based rock trio, The Brains, took to the stage.  Rene D La Muerte (Guitar / Vocals), Colin the Dead (Double Bass) and Phil The Beast (Drums) went on to play an impressive 40-minute set that had the crowd thoroughly warmed up.

The stage is draped in a large fabric backdrop concealing the elaborate stage set up. Playing into the mystery an audio track fills the room, the prelude to what’s to come. The room buzzes in anticipation as the crowd awaits to see their king.

Suddenly the lights dim, and the room erupts into a cheer. The backdrop falls and reveals Tim Öhrström (Guitars) and Henrik Sandelin (Bass) atop a set of stairs on each side of the stage, with drummer John Alfredsson in the center as the ‘King’ slowly emerges on a throne that rises up from the middle of set. The King begins to play, “Glory to Our King,” as Johannes Eckerström (Vocals) takes to the front of the stage.



The fun was non stop as the band played an 18 song set including fan favorites including, "Let It Burn," "Paint Me Red," "Kings Harvest," "The Eagle Has Landed," "The King Wants You" and "Smells Like a Freak Show." With an impressive lighting set up, high energy performance and sinister smiles coming from Eckerström throughout the night, a huge mosh pit consumed the entirety of the floor and ran wild throughout the rest of the bands set.



Concluding the night with ‘Hail the Apocalypse’ the band took one final bow as they stepped off the stage for the evening.Avatar continues their ‘Avatar Country’ tour with 12 remaining US tour dates left before heading off to continue their mayhem in Europe this Spring.

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