Audinate Group Limited Joins PAMA

The Professional Audio Manufacturers Alliance (PAMA) has announced that the Australian-based Audinate Group Limited has joined the PAMA organization. The announcement was made by Chris Regan, chair of PAMA’s board of directors, and underscores PAMA’s ongoing expansion and mission to promote awareness and appreciation of high-quality professional audio through market leadership, communication and education.

Joshua Rush, Audinate Chief Marketing Officer

Used in more than 3,000 different products from more than 350 different manufacturers, Audinate’s Dante AV over IP networking solution has established itself as a de-facto standard for digital audio networking. With near-zero latency and perfect synchronization, Dante offers uncompressed, multi-channel digital audio channels that can be routed over standard Ethernet networks. Today, Audinate lays claim to the deployment of its interoperable, flexible, and creativity-enabling network technology in more than 90 percent of all AV-over-IP products.

Commenting on the announcement, Joshua Rush, Audinate Chief Marketing Officer, noted, “Audinate and PAMA are on a shared mission to advance best practices and interoperability across the audio industry. With the vast majority of the industry having adopted Dante for audio networking, we felt it was important to join PAMA to keep our finger on the pulse of the important topics that may affect not just us as a company, but our customer base of manufacturers at large. I am confident that membership in PAMA will be a valuable endeavor, and we look forward to having a seat at the table to help shape the initiatives that will influence our whole industry.”

Chris Regan stated, “Audinate’s Dante is the leading platform for professional digital audio networking, and we are pleased to have them join the PAMA organization. Audinate is an important addition to PAMA, as so many of our member companies now employ Dante in their product offerings, and Audinate shares our vision to support high-quality audio. As more companies join our organization, it furthers our ability to tackle and address industry issues while providing a unified voice to the various market sectors PAMA serves.”

For more information, go to pamalliance.org.