Audeze Partners with Naya Beat Records in Remastering

For about a decade Audeze headphones has been enabling artists to achieve new creations by allowing for pristine mastering of music tracks. Audeze has partnered with LA-based Naya Beat Records, who is using Audeze headphones in their re-mastering process.

Re-Mastered Tracks Get A New Life

Naya Beat Records was founded by LA-Based DJ and producer, Fililip Nikolic aka Turbotito and his business partner, Raghav, whose aim is to find, and curate old India-rooted records, bring them back to the US, secure rights, physically clean them, digitize the music, then clean up the audio, re-edit, mix, remix, master… and then re-release, using Audeze headphones as a key part of that process.

The low distortion and superior detail retrieval of Audeze headphones plays a key role in the remastering of these tracks and are a part of a process involving a chain of high-end equipment, resulting in newly re-mastered tracks that go on to have a second life.

Naya Beat is a venture seeking to re-release music from Indian on vinyl and streaming services in the United States and Europe, and have chosen to use Audeze headphones.