Attend NARIP Synch Agent Pitch Session

NARIP Synch Agent Pitch Session (Calvin Klein, Animal Kingdom, Dopesick, The Goldbergs): VQ Creative's Vince Quintero

Thu Jan 6, 2022 at 7:00pm PST
Topics at at this NARIP Pitch Session:

  • Back by popular demand, meet synch agent Vince Quintero, one of the Kings of Synch and a repeat NARIP guest, who signed three (3) NARIP members to representation
  • Intimate event with top synch agent,: enrollment limited to 16 people
  • No cattle calls, no 300-person crowds or conferences, no velvet ropes
  • Get brief in advance to prepare your best pitch
  • Direct access + firsthand info = better results FOR YOU
  • Access multiple potential buyers and placements via ONE synch agent
  • Get professional representation