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As It Is at The Roxy In Los Angeles, CA

Mental health, while something that affects us all, is somehow still a taboo subject. Brighton-based band, As It Is was not only willing to bring the feelings of depression into light, but also managed to craft a stellar album around the idea that it is okay, to not be okay. It can be a dark subject, but it’s one that they managed to capture with the quintessential pop-punk flair on record and also managed to bring to life in a dazzling, high-energy display of showmanship.

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Opening with a commercial for the fictional Happy Co. that sells happiness, the show quickly launched into the title track of the album and set the pace for the remainder of the show. While the subject matter can be heavy, the songs themselves are very bright and fast paced, and the perfect means for concertgoers to sing and dance to. The setlist only slowed down once for the closing track of the album Still Remembering. All the band members lit up LA’s Roxy Theatre with a performance better suited for a larger stage, but lead singer Patty Walters took the cake as he paraded around the stage with the vigor of a frontman beyond his years. With the way he commanded the stage, it was hard to look away as they performed a setlist mostly comprising songs from their recent album.

Taking away the fact they’ve crafted great music around a subject sorely disregarded and shed a light on mental health, As It Is is a band worth seeing just based on their stage presence alone. At times, their energy is so large that seeing them on such a small stage almost seems constricting in a way as there just wasn’t enough stage to handle the massiveness of what they brought to the stage. While it was great to see such an intimate show from them, this reviewer hopes to see them on a far bigger stage in the near future because their live performance capabilities are more than deserving of it.

WATCH: As It Is behind the scenes of their "Hey Rachel" music video:

Text and photos by Victoria Patneaude

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