Alexander Spit: A Breathtaking Trip to that Otherside

AlexSpitAlexander Spit
A Breathtaking Trip to that Otherside
Producer: Alexander Spit
Score: 7 out of 10

Johnny Depp eat your heart out, or puke your mushrooms out, because this S.F.-raised/L.A.-based rapper/producer is all up on your Hunter S. Thompson tip; he’s borrowing the idea of a psychedelic roadtrip as a thematic device (a la Fear And Loathing), and he’s eating shrooms, drinking Jack and driving in the desert. We don’t know if he really was DUI, though it sounds and appears that way in a new video helmed by Deacon co-founder, Jason Goldwatch. You’ll appreciate a rapper that cites Thompson and Charles Bukowski along with his anti-gangster bravado. You’ll also recognize that he doesn’t date the album by submitting to the dubstep craze, but keeps the beats fierce and dubby.

By Daniel Siwek