album review xixa bloodline

Album Review: XIXA - "Bloodline" (8/10)

Chicha is a style of electrified Peruvian folk
 music begun in the ‘60s that frequently had 
its lilting vocals and rhythms flavored with
 surf and psychedelic touches. XIXA (from
 Tucson) are here to grow this style for the
 future, and they do a terrific job in showing
 the listener how many ways the genre can
 be stretched. There’s even a foray into 
near-metal (see “Pressures Of Mankind”), but mainly the songs touch upon bases like spaghetti westerns, cumbia and the work of fellow bands Calexico and Giant Sand, whose members they share. The production is excellent throughout, and fans of Los Lobos will appreciate the spectrum of XIXA’s universe. Well done!

Score: 8 out of 10

Barbes Records
Producer: Gabriel Sullivan, Brian Lopez