Album Review: "TV" by Tai Verdes (7/10)

Tai Verdes


Artista Records

Producer: Adam Friedman

TikTok/MTV star Tai Verdes’ debut full-length TV is strung together with summery sing-alongs, clever wordplay and laid-back guitar. What works against the overall effort is the album lacks cohesiveness. Tai is perhaps too ambitious with his eclectic influences. Songs range from bubblegum pop, to cool hip-hop, to sexy R&B jams to acoustic diddies (“fake prophet,” “momma told me imma be”) and the Spanglish “Solamente.” Props to Verdes for his versatility––singles “DRUGS,” “A-O-K” and opener “rEaL WorLD” are solid. Using his realm of TV, it feels like we are flipping through the channels without truly getting a sense of the show.