ADK Microphones

For 15 years ADK Microphones has exceeded expectations. Their new generation of Super High-SPL mics include the ADK Odin, a 150 dB capable, All-Round Studio and Live Mic that is on tour with Wynton Marsalis and Johnny Winter. ADK Thor and Odin were the first mics to offer a three-way high-frequency contour button.

Retail Value $300

ADK is a collaboration of Musicians, Producers, Sound Engineers and Design Engineers. It is the sum-total of it's community of like-minded end-users seeking to improve their craft. The Sole Mission is to build an Optimal Signal-Chain without the Ridiculous Price Tag. We're unabashedly old-school bare-wire-theory take-the-picture-right "sound-painters". Musicians Run the Place, which is what definitely gives ADK its unique character.