ADDAC System Launches CV To Expression Eurorack Module

ADDAC309 provides simple way to control effects pedals that feature expression pedal TRS inputs - a Eurorack first

Lisbon, Portugal, January 5, 2024 - ADDAC System announces a simple but highly effective way to control FX pedals that feature an expression pedal through Eurorack: the new ADDAC309 CV to Expression.

The new CV to Expression allows a simple and straight forward connection between modular and effect pedals that feature expression pedal TRS inputs. Instead of using an expression pedal into the effects pedal, the user can use this module in between a CV source and the effects pedal to be controlled.

This module presents a great way to control the available parameters on the effects pedals straight from a CV source, a Eurorack first. The ADDAC309 features two channels - each with a CV Input with attenuator and a 1/4’ jack output. As this is a passive module, the power needed for operation is taken from the pedal power instead of the modular frame, allowing for perfect matching of the pedal’s operating voltage which can range from 3.3v to 9v.

The ADDAC309, yet another module in the family of 300 series that brings more control over users' sonic expression and taking up only 4HP, is available now and priced at €60. For more information or to order, please visit the ADDAC System product page at https://www.addacsystem.com/en/products

About ADDAC System
ADDAC develops advanced instruments for sonic expression. The company started back in 2009 with an ambition to explore the potential crossover between analog synthesizers and computers. Because its first creations sparked a lot of attention, ADDAC decided to work hard and put them in customers' hands. Today our product line is focused on a new breed of hybrid synths, that make use of the best of both the digital and analog worlds. We've grown to be able to reach thousands of enthusiastic clients, friends and collaborators. Always looking into conceptualizing and developing the most exquisite instruments, we hope you're able to join and share this passion with us.